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Toronzo & The Cannonball Express MySpace of Toronzo

Growing up in the shadows Chicago's blues mecca, Theresa's Lounge, had a lasting effect on Toronzo Cannon. As a kid, Toronzo would listen to the raw, soulful sounds of legends like Junior Wells, Buddy Guy and Muddy Waters. "It wasn't just the music that got me, but the effect on the people. I knew right then, that was what I was gonna do." These experiences led him to pick up his first guitar as a teenager and begin to learn to sing and play the sounds he heard. Inspired by the three Kings (Freddie, B.B. and Albert), a little Hendrix and some 70's R&B/Soul, Toronzo soon developed his own sound. "If I wasn’t gigging I was hitting every jam session I could find. I couldn’t get enough." It was during this time that he developed his own powerful, gospel-flavored vocal style and electrifying stage presence.
After playing rhythm guitar with local artists like Wayne Baker Brooks and Joanna Connor, Toronzo decided to form his own band, The Cannonball Express. He immediately was in demand, playing some of Chicago’s greatest blues venues like Buddy Guy’s Legends, Kingston Mines, B.L.U.E.S, and Blue Chicago as well as shows from Kentucky to Delaware and Iowa to Indiana. He also became a popular festival attraction, playing The Chicago Blues Festival and the 2008 San Jose Blues Festival with other local young guns Chico Banks and Mike Wheeler. Internationally, Toronzo has been flown into Latvia as a featured solo artist three times over the past few years.
The wide stylistic range on 2006’s MY WOMAN, Toronzo’s second recording as a front man, merely hints at the unpredictable, explosive nature of his live shows. Says Toronzo, "I like to bring that energy to the stage. It goes back to the shows I had spied on as a kid at Theresa’s. Those cats would play some smokin’ music and put on a great show at the same time.” Since the release of MY WOMAN, Toronzo and his band have been tearing up stages and exciting crowds from Chicago to the Balkans. At the core of Toronzo's appeal is his heartfelt love for the music and his respect for the audience. His feeling is if he doesn't leave them sweatin' and smilin', he hasn't done his job.

“A hi-octane, good time...soaring guitar wizardry underpinned by a muscular, funky rhythm section...a scion of the blues-funk-rock fraternity...the musicianship is excellent...rips along and induces head bobbing and toe tapping aplenty. The album erupts in a funky Buddy Guy-esque groover, which is what Toronzo does so well.” — BLUES MATTERS (UK)

“Aside from his fretboard chops, Cannon is notable for being one of the few local artists to emphasize original material in his live performances...his lyrics are witty and vivid.” — David Whiteis, LIVING BLUES
"Clever lyrics...good energy...one of the younger bluesmen truly worthy of attention.” — Bruce Iglauer, PRESIDENT OF ALLIGATOR RECORDS
“A no-nonsense high-energy guitarist steeped in blues, funk, soul, rock and R&B.” — ILLINOIS ENTERTAINER
"I wanna do a couple of songs with your band." —BUDDY GUY

Torronzo plays with his Bullitt Booster Fat Vintage V6 Jimi LTD

"The Bullitt : Serious Tone Serious Look! = " TONE ECSTASY !!! "
. . . saids Toronzo

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