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Frank Cosentino has been on the Canadian music scene since the early 80’s.

Focusing on playing Blues Guitar Music as front man for the Frank
Cosentino Band since 1989, and having 5 CD’s and another on the way, he
has established himself as one of the finest Blues guitarist in Canada.

He has also becoming a very much in demand Teacher in the art of blues
guitar. After over 40 years of playing it was “time to share some of his
knowledge and keep the art of guitar blues growing and moving forward.”

Frank’s live shows are the stuff of legend. With his smoking band, it’s
standing room only at ALL OF HIS CONCERTS!! There’s a joke in the music
community: If you want to pick up girls, DON’T go to a Frank Cosentino
show… all you find is guitar players in the audience!!! Proof that Frank
is a Guitar player’s Guitar player. And when Frank plays… people listen.

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