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About Us


VL-Effects is dedicated to provide
highend Boutique Guitar Pedals

Each Pedal is fully handmade by Vincent Loret, located in Paris, France.
Vincent attended a renowned Parisian electronics engineering (university) school at the end of 70's and created his first VL Effects pedals in 1982 - the Germanium Treble booster and the Fuzz Face Bullitt Booster.

Product ranges:
- Regular Bullitt Stock Pedals that you can buy direct from VL-Effects or his Dealers.
- Custom Shop Pedals, -ask us for anything! The sound you're after, electronic components, colours, knobs ,... we'll help you get the sound of your dreams!
- Professional Artist Pedals - unique, one of kind tailor-made pedals and pedal-boards.

VL Effects created it's first pedal the "Bullitt Booster", in 1982,
the fuzz "Bullitt JimiFace" in 1983,
the overdrive "Bullitt Od-oNe" in 1985

Today, these models are still built with the same goal and spirit of producing the best authentic sound possible.
Vincent uses the best of Components and in the "Vintage Series" old stock of vintage components like Transistors, Amp Op, Diodes, Capacitors, Resistors,..

Vincent works using old unique style wiring techniques ie: different kinds of cable specifications for ground cabling, hot cabling, power cabling, in order to reduce noise and increase tone and harmonics....

For more information concerning our production methods,
please contact us.

VL-Effects AMPLIFICATION is dedicated to provide
highend Boutique Guitar Amps

VL-Effects IMPORTER is dedicated to provide
highend Boutique Guitar Gear for FRANCE

Copyright VL-Effects division of HavaCube - 2009 - Paris - France - All Rights Reserved | vincent@vleffects.com

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