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Mike "Sugar" Cahen MySpace of Mike

Born London, England.
From cutting-edge improvisations with RogMikEnzo with bassist Roger Inniss (Mick Taylor, Chaka Khan) drummer Enzo Todesco (Frank Gambale, Gino Vanelli) to working with world renowned producers : Trevor Morais (Tina Turner, Bjork), Jean Roussel (Sting, Roy Buchanan, Ron Wood, Bob Marley, Cat Stevens) and Duncan MacKay (Gary Moore, 10CC, Kate Bush) Mike’s musical career includes playing and projects with the best British, American and European musicians and artists: Lionel Ritchie, Elkie Brooks, Benjamin Zephaniah, Suzi Quatro, guitarists Geoff Whitehorn (The Who, Paul Rodgers, Elkie Brooks) Phil Palmer (Eric Clapton) Alvin Lee (Ten Years After) Bernie Marsden (Whitesnake, Ringo Starr) Jaimie Oram West (Tina Turner). Teaching at International Music Seminars with Robben Ford, Gary Hoey,John Abercombie, Al Di Meola, Jo Diorio and Pat Metheny.
"At this point I want simplicity. For live work I let the sound engineer take care of business, their outboard rack gear out performs floor units and they hear what the public does. Working with sound engineer Trevor Jordan taught me alot, he was in charge of a lot of U.S acts touring the U.K, also did the Who and Elkie Brooks….the kind of guy who refused to do the Stones at one point.’
I like to control my sound from the guitar using the volume and tone pots. Concerning amps, a cranked, simple, high quality valve amp does the job.
Although I’ve bought FX pedals since the Coloursound days I currently rarely use any.

" The Bullitt booster answered my tone quest in two respects….First the unique sound of Germanium transistors, I mean a matched vintage Germanium transistor, capacitors and components because quality control was hit and miss in the old vintage pedals.
As a boost pedal it can give my amp extra punch and definition and reduce flabby bass response "
Mike Cahen

"It’s a very organic pedal completly using the best quality matched components,the opposite of printed circuit or digital cloning.
If you’re demanding about your sound from string to loudspeaker the Bullitt Booster is for you…
The Rangemaster unit used to be the British guitar player’s secret weapon in the pre master volume amp days, now the Bullitt Booster’s mine !"
Mike Cahen

Mike with Klaus - Mathias Jabs (Munich)

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